It is out of the question for you to go to New York this weekend.

I saw that in the newspaper this morning.


I hoped to have met him at the party.

The irony was lost on him.

That's what you said last year.

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I was absent from the party.

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He has ten children.

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Overtraining leads to increased sympathetic activity.

No heat or cold lasts beyond the equinox.

I interpreted their silence as consent.

Lui was just sitting there, staring into space.

Why do you think I'm thinking about you?


The city has a wonderful place to walk with children.

It drew strength from the not-so-young people who braved the bitter cold and scorching heat to knock on doors of perfect strangers, and from the millions of Americans who volunteered and organized and proved that more than two centuries later a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished from the Earth.

It's hardly surprising.

They've taken Triantaphyllos off life support.

You shouldn't eat raw snails.

Do you think you could help me with this?

Karma is a nasty little bitch!


The laws have changed.

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Some people say French is easy to learn.

Don't expect me to help you with your homework.

An interpreter is one who enables two persons of different languages to understand each other by repeating to each what it would have been to the interpreter's advantage for the other to have said.

I'm too tired of arguing.

Joshua left the building at about 6 p.m.


It's open ten to six daily throughout the year.

When I left the house this morning, Siping was still sleeping.

The only time he feeds the dog is when his wife is away on a trip.

I bought her some drinks.

Was that good or bad?

Is your mother here?

We still have a couple of big decisions to make.

I don't know if her new shirt will go with her blue jeans.

Come on, try again.

I didn't understand half of what he was saying.

Trent passed the butter to Mario.


While in England, I often referred to the guidebook for details of my journey.


Wade didn't have any idea what he should do.

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This cellphone really costs a lot.

Death is one of two things. Either it is annihilation, and the dead have no consciousness of anything; or, as we are told, it is really a change: a migration of the soul from this place to another.

I know when I'm not wanted.

Good lord.

Police immediately sealed off the streets around the hotel as they searched for the bomb.

All around the walls hung pictures, and by the great stove stood large Chinese vases with lions on the covers; there were rocking-chairs, silken sofas, great tables covered with picture-books, and toys worth a hundred times a hundred dollars, at least the children said so.

I came to ask Anderson a favor.

Be careful what you tell children. They'll believe anything.

It will be my pleasure!

You don't need to keep anything.

You are late. Where have you been?

Man will not cry in public.

The traveler stopped to ask me the way.


Let's schedule it for some other time.

Jesus has three children that don't go to school yet.

I like English Breakfast tea the best.

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It's only half the story.

These gloves were your mother's.

I can't bear to work with him.

I know everything about them.

You've already eaten the cake?

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I'm investigating a very interesting case.


There were some boats on the lake.


Why couldn't you just ask someone for directions?

Where's the new girl?

I didn't figure on something like this happening.

He painted the picture in oils.

I started early in the morning, arriving there late at night.

The master of thriller has left the scenario forever.

Edmund and Mariou hated one another.

I didn't know her last year.

Doctors and hospitals should help the people who can get healthy again.


Which he wants is not clear.


You've gotten better.

Israel says this is the best he can do.

This building also is a bank.


I don't think it's her.


What's your favorite non-fiction book?


I don't want you to tell her.

Make sure this door stays locked.

Here is your boarding pass.

Maria's very favorite drink is green tea.

With nary a word to Piotr, Pitawas ran away with their twins.


Horses don't like buttercups; they just leave them in the meadow.

"I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?" said Scrooge.

We went by way of Taiwan.


Get me out of here now.

The two men fought for a long time.

Is there anything in particular I should be doing?

I was a bit afraid.

Have you called Skeeter to apologize?

Heather kept his illness a secret.

Please tell me which of the two cameras is better.

Can you tell me why you weren't here yesterday?

I just got a new phone.

It's just a game.

Ellen is such a malingerer that you can't count on him to get anything done, no matter what promises he makes.

This fake news story was shared over a million times on Facebook.

I heard Gregory was killed.

Do you have Bud Light?

A big crowd of people collected to watch the festival.

You are a hopeless idiot.

She made her crying baby drink some milk.

Jem was angry because Elsa was ignoring him.

This is all wrong.

She made a point of my attending the party.

Konstantinos contacted Varda.

The army chief reported that the war was lost.

The dove symbolizes peace.

That building is our school.

They go to school by streetcar.

Everyone is waiting anxiously.

On behalf of your grandchildren, save the forests!

Pears are canned in this factory.

Some politicians never make good on campaign promises.

They did warn Hume.

That doesn't prove a thing.

I hear you.

Those houses are all alike.


What in the world are you doing here?

There's a homicidal maniac on the loose!

It's dead quiet.

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It must be easy for him to find the way.

We've been waiting for over two months.

Leave us alone for a minute.

Doctors say that children who were breastfed are usually healthier.

You have no driving experience.

You never mentioned how beautiful your sister is.

Daren sent Laurie a selfie.


"Despite appearances, you're a pervert." "I'm not a pervert. I'm a pure and innocent young girl." "Yeah, yeah, give me a break."


This is a hybrid.


Gary was caught stealing.

Comments must be relevant to the topic.

If you need instructions on how to get through the game levels, then you're a damned noob!

I saw something terrible.

Seen at a distance, the rock looks like a human face.

I've done that three times already.

This is a picture of my family.

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Will Typhoon No. 12 hit the Kyushu district?

Your new dress is very pretty.

Throw away the chairs whose legs are broken.

The Spanish language has opened many doors for him.

How do you know something isn't true?


Nora frowned to himself.

Eat more slowly.

It's meant to be summer.

The toast is cold.

The gloomy house was like a ghost.

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I'm sure we can depend on Brendan.


A new president has just been elected.

There are no quick fixes for this problem.

I've never been good with figures.


I sometimes look back on my childhood.


Do you need the keys?

The art of recognizing matsutake mushrooms became my passion, culminating in my writing a book on it.

There was no way he could not go to that party.


Pontus isn't as busy as he seems to be.


Toft and Jean-Pierre chatted about the weather.

Nelken is used to winning.

Nanda started mumbling.


Let's go to the stadium, because today's match will not be televised.


I thought Robin would be returning to Boston.


You're not listening, are you?